Our Mission is Who We Are

Kingdom Craftsman Ministries is assigned to train, equip, coach, and release, fellow believers:  per Ephesians 4:11-3,  building His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. 

You're welcome to join our non-denominational  community at any time wherever, whenever we are teaching, prophesying, helping you interpret your dream, praying for healing, worshiping, or just fellowshipping, etc whatever Father calls us to do.

We  believe in the cohesive nature of creating  a faith community in body, soul and spirit, that's as rooted in the gospel as it is in one another with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

Join us  and see how our community comes together.

Many years ago, while still a youth, I found myself facing an enemy with seemingly over whelming superiority. While somewhat concerned about my present circumstance I somehow felt secure and safe. As I look back, I come to realize the reason for such peace in the face of such opposition. Standing there with me I suddenly found myself surrounded by men trained and prepared to battle, not just for me, but with me and along side of me. What we can’t do alone, we can do together. Consider Eccl 4:9, “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.” Being in the ministry for over 20 years has taught me many things, but nothing as more important than having a TEAM approach to kingdom business. It has been refreshing and reassuring to have along side of me Tom , Jean and Kingdom Craftsman. I am never alone in the battle, never alone in the trenches, never alone in the victory. Their voices are sharp in the face of the enemy, tender in the presence of God’s people. Their armor is not shiny and new for they have been tested in the heat of battle. Trusted and revered friends, confidants, warriors, watchmen, and covenant keepers may well describe their person. May God continue to richly use these powerful and dynamic team to expand His kingdom. By engaging with and embracing this ministry, you will do well. You will do better. You will be blessed.

Pastor Reggie R. Wall,  Mill Creek  Community Foursquare Church, Milford, MI 

Dear Jean,
Greetings from Germany. You have been a great blessing to us.  Over the years I have worked together with Jean Krisle Blasi in different nations of the world, i.e. Russia and Mongolia. Through teachings, prayer, and prophecy, she has exhorted, encouraged and helped the body of Christ as well as our ministry.
Above that she has been a blessing to several ministries in various places all over Germany, and she has helped our ministry as well as the body of Christ in this nation to enter into the calling that Jesus Christ has available for us here in Germany. 

I very much would like to recommend Jean Krisle Blasi and her ministry, who is known to us and me personally as a person of integriy whom I appreciate very much. I also would like to mention her wonderful anointing of prophetic intercession.

Walter Heidenreich, Ludenscheid, Germany President of FCJG and HELP International International partner of the ‘Apostolic Revival Movement’ founded by Wesley Campbell, Kelownal Canada Director of the Board of Help Mobile, Hong Kong, Member of the International Reconciliation Coalition founded by John Dawson, Ventura, (CA)/USA, FCJG Hauptburo,
Much love,    Walter

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Prophetic Fishing Class

Spring Semester @ Trinity Church

7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Someone once said, “To have godly character and to lack spiritual power is unfortunate, but to have spiritual power and to lack godly character is a catastrophe.” The world is filled with great ministries and ministers doing great things for God. Not as many, however, blend and balance both the power to minister along with integrity of character.  It has been the privilege of my wife and I to know Jean Krisle Blasi and her ministry, “Kingdom Craftsman Ministries” since 1994. Jean is one of those precious few who walk in unquestionable character and integrity and at the same time who ministers with a powerful anointing and giftedness. Jean is one of the most powerful, compassionate and accurate prophets I know. I have had first-hand opportunity to observe Jean’s ministry both here in the states and in other nations as well. It is my privilege to highly recommend Jean Krisle Blasi. Please contact me if any further information is needed. 

Dr. Don R. Crum, President, Leadership International, Lindale, TX 75771

It is my great honor to commend to you the ministry of Kingdom Craftsman Ministries International.  Integrity, prophetic sensitivity and maturity, a strong grasp of and ability to teach the Scriptures – it all describes this relevant and cutting edge ministry.  I recommend the ministry of Thomas and Jean to you with joy and without hesitation. Sincerely,   
Dutch Sheets

Dutch Sheets Ministries

Welcome to City Reachers International Ministries, Inc. where it is our mission to equip you for the mission – the great commission!
This is so good! This letter is to highly recommend the ministry of Thomas & Jean Krisle Blasi. I have known Jean for more than 30 years and walked with her ministry of love to the Body of Christ. I have seen countless lives transformed through her ministry. Thomas, her husband of 13 years was just what the doctor ordered. He has a "poppa's heart" and a tremendous heart for hurting and wounded men. He speaks life and hope into you through a simple message of love. You will not only be transformed after a KCM Conference, but you will run and tell somebody! 

Rev. Vera E. Speed, City Reachers International Ministries, Inc.

Our Philosophy

Faith is more than what happens on Sunday mornings. It's a part of who we are, inside and out. At Kingdom Craftsman Ministries we believe in sharing the joy and the security of the gospel that embodies the Holy Spirit,  Jesus and Our Father.  

Embrace the fire of the Holy Spirit that teaches us the corrective not punitive nature of Out Father's judgements. Teaching us to walk in His grace to become overcomers and to be not just imputed sons but actual sons. 

Jean Krisle Blasi is indeed a fireball of God's Love.  In the 25 years that I have known her, she has proven to be a very accurate and passionate voice for God. 
Jean is refreshingly gracious and surprisingly gentle in her approach to ministry.  I have learned so much from her regarding God's ability to speak profoundly to people without wounding or injuring them.  I have seen so many other well-meaning servants of God who struggle to deliver the Word of the Lord without crucifying the recipient of the word. 
Thank God for Jean, is all I can say.  Her faithfulness to the Lord and the spirit of His Word allows Jean to minister with pristine integrity and scriptural balance.
In short, I trust her in God and I recommend highly that you do the same.  God will richly bless you and your ministry through her.

Abundant blessings, Chandler Cleveland, President, Global Impact Group, Inc., Senior Pastor, Destiny, A Community of Faith, Fremont, CA

Prophet Jean under the anointing !

This is Dr. James W. Goll President of Encounters Network,  the International Director of Prayer Storm and the Founder of God Encouters Training Network-an eSchool of the heart. He is a member of the Harvest International Ministries apostolic team and an instructor in the Wagner Leadership Institute. With great joy James has shared Jesus in more than 50 nations teaching and imparting the power of intercession, prophetic ministry, and life in the Spirit.

James is the prolific author of numerous books including The Seer, The Lost Art of Intercession, The Coming Israel Awakening, Deliverance from Darkness, A Radical Faith and many others.      Our ministry is based in Franklin, Tennessee.

It is my privilege to commend to you the prophetic teaching ministry of Jean Krisle Blasi.  It has been my honor for the past few years to come into friendship and minister along side with Kingdom Craftsman Ministries.  I have found Jean and Thomas to be both personable and caring, as well as, gifted as ministers of our Lord in the arena of prophetic, intercession and equipping through exhortational teaching.  Jean is no newcomer on the scenes having spent years in the trenches of spiritual warfare for both the practical side of family and local church issues as well as venturing into the missionary style prayer walks around the globe.  Their character is warm, approachable and Christ-like and there giftings are always used to exalt Jesus.  I highly recommend to you the life and ministry of Jean Krisle Blasi and her husband, Thomas.

Dr. James W. Goll

A letter of recommendation from East Germany.
In November 2004 our church hosted a conference with Thomas and Jean Krisle Blasi. There they shared their insights into the word of God and prophecied for many participants. Their kind and encouraging way of highlighting the things of the kingdom of God, as well as Jean's very accurate prophecies were signs of their commitment to Christ and His endorsement of their ministry. We recommend Jean and Thomas as warm-hearted servants of God who sensitively react to the speaking of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Udo Knoefel, EFS-Sohland, Sohland/Spree (near Herrnhut), Germany

Letter of Recommendation
Jean Krisle Blasi is a dynamic minister of the Gospel moving in a strong prophetic teaching anointing. She also ministers out of a heart of compassionate love for the people of God. She also carries an anointing for ministry in the nations where she has often ministered. One of the strongest recommendations for her ministry is that she returns to the same churches repeatedly.
I enthusiastically recommend Jean to minister in your church and or conference.

Jim Hodges President of Federation of Ministers and Churches, Int.

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Pastor Timothy Waugh is a man full of the joy of the Lord. He leads a growing congregation of believer's in his home church based in Hilo, Hawai'i. Being a man devoted to the Lord, he is a vessel that God uses mightily in numerous divine appointments.

Many healing's and miracles occur under this anointing. His humorous approach in delivering the word of God is coupled with a laid-back "island style" perspective on life, which sets people free and allows them to fully grasp the grace message. God has gifted this man with tremendous insight with a Seer’s anointing, as the gifts smoothly flows each time he ministers; AIDS, many types of cancer, asthma, diabetes and other incurable diseases have been healed and confirmed.

This letter is to offer my congratulations to Tom & Jean (Krisle) Blasi on their recent overhaul and updating of their Ministry. Kingdom Craftsman Ministries which has been birthed in the Secret Place and is a tremendous asset to the Body of Christ. 

I have ministered alongside both Tom and Jean in there Prophetic Conferences and have gleaned much wisdom and knowledge from their experiences. I will continue to surround myself only with people of their integrity, honesty and positive encouragement, which is much needed in the ministry God has entrusted me with. I have also seen the power that God moves through them and the lives changed and transformed by their diligence and accuracy in the Word, and their Spiritual Gifts. 

"May the Lord Richly Bless YOU, as you remain seated in the heavenly place IN Christ Jesus! ~Ephesians 2:6"
 Timothy R.Waugh
Founder/Senior Pastor
Crossnet Ministries International