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Lori wrote on Jan 7, 2017:

Hello, my beautiful sister, Jean. I see it's been over a year since I messaged you. Lori Ellen was here for Christmas break and her current assignment is in Japan. I plan to visit there in April. Also have plans to be in Texas in March but, alas, will be in the Houston, San Antonio, Austin areas. We talked about you when Lori was home and wanted to tease you a little bit about your prophecies coming to pass -- and now I have an international daughter! You told her she would be ready to go and have her bags packed, which is exactly what happened. At the time she got her job with the Department of Defense, she already had her house rented, her household goods stored and her bags packed!

Dear Thomas and Jean,
A quick testimony, I was at home and in need of deliverance.  I kept trying to do my work and it seemed as though it took great effort to get anything accomplished, this has been for the last several days.
I remained quiet and started organizing some of my old music tapes, I stumbled upon a prophetic tape from when I attended your conference several years ago. I decided to play it and on it was a word for me and your prayer for deliverance for me of several areas, isolation and torment at night and other things.  I rec'd deliverance upon hearing the tape, I can sense and feel the difference immediately.  
I said to myself Lord I don't need to seek out the many for answers and for deliverance you yourself have led me to deliverance today.  
 ----------------------  and Amen !

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PROPHETIC FISHING CLASS Testimony:  We received a letter as follows:
I read this book called “Prophetic Fishing” by Jean Krisle Blasi that just awed me. The Lord has brought this anointed teaching prophetess Jean Krisle Blasi here to Texas.  I asked her if she could have a class to teach us brand new people  the spiritual things of God, how to walk prophetically. She trains and teaches leaders of the nations how to be prophetic. Jean said it is the desire of her heart to teach us as the Lord wants everyone, not just special leaders, to walk in Him. I invite you to join me in a class to learn how to hear God’s voice for ourselves, our family, our friends, our neighbors, our community, our work place and to prophetically fish for God's harvest. These are times for harvest in a hurting world. Oh to reach people super - naturally with the touch, care, and love of God, sharing and speaking HIS words to help, encourage, minister, or bring people to salvation and under God's umbrella.    In the presence of Jean's teaching you will discover important foundations for hearing God's voice and developing the gentle gift of heavenly insight.
Friday, December 30, 2016 12:15 PM